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Professional hedge maintenance

Hedge Trimming

Routine hedge maintenance is vital for hedges to maintain their shape. Left unattended trees will revert back to their tree shape. Once per year is the general minimum that hedges need to be maintained. Allowing hedges to grow unchecked often results in a hedge that cannot be restored back to its original shape.

Cypress hedges in particular need annual hedging at a minimum, as cypress hedges will tend to gradually get larger and it is not possible to cut back the branches of cypress trees as they will die. There are numerous examples of cypress hedges throughout Melbourne that have been irreparably damaged by inexperienced operators. When we cut cypress hedges we use dedicated equipment, as the standard professional hedger is not high enough quality to cut the hedge without burning the foliage or leaving swipe marks. For this reason many of our customers have tried other operators but found them lacking when it comes to quality of service.

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