Hedge Trimming Melbourne

Professional hedge maintenance

Hedge Trimming Melbourne provide a professional hedge maintenance service throughout Melbourne's Eastern suburbs. We also perform tree removals, pruning, palm maintenance, hedge removal, hedge planting, pest and disease control.

Most of the work which we do on hedges requires the services of a hedging specialist. We have experience working on all types of hedges, in particular large cypress hedges.

Our customers include BMW Melbourne, Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club, Marybrooke Manor, Medway golf course, and many private residences.

Hedge Trimming Melbourne is owned and operated by Richard Blackburn. Richard commenced his own garden maintenance business in 2003. His formal qualifications include Horticulture Cert 3 Landscape Construction. We will travel outside the Eastern suburbs for larger jobs that require specialist skills and equipment.



Contact Richard Blackburn direct via phone or email, or fill out the contact form.

Phone: 0477 612 233

Email: rj_blackburn@hotmail.com

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